Ciprofloxacin is basically an antibiotic that fights bacteria that’s inside the body. Ciprofloxacin can be used in fighting several bacterial infections. It's also used in treating people who’ve been exposed to anthrax.

Important information about Ciprofloxacin  Ciprofloxacin-

1. It’s vital to note that it’s inadvisable to take Ciprofloxacin while also taking tizanidine. You must also not use Ciprofloxacin whenever you are having a muscle disorder. If you have a history of myasthenia gravis, make sure that the doctor is aware before taking Ciprofloxacin.

2. Ciprofloxacin may cause tearing or swelling of the tendon especially in the heel’s Achilles tendon. This effect mostly occurs if you have exceeded the age of 60 years, or if you’ve had a lung, kidney or heart transplant.

3. Avoid taking this medicine and call the doctor immediately if you experience swelling, sudden pain, movement problems, tenderness or even bruising in any part of the body.

Before taking Ciprofloxacin

For safe Ciprofloxacin intake, make sure that your doctor is aware if you are suffering from the following medical problems:

- - Heart rhythm disorders, especially if you are on medication.

- - Family of personal history of Long QT syndrome.

- - Arthritis, tendon problems as well as other joint problems.    

- - Nerve or muscle disorders.

- - Trouble in swallowing pills.

- - Liver diseases.

- - Kidney diseases.

- - Epilepsy or seizures.

- - A history of brain tumor or head injury.

- - Diabetes especially if you are on medication.

- - Low potassium levels inside your blood i.e. hypokalemia.

- - If you are using blood thinners.

Taking Ciprofloxacin  

* Ciprofloxacin is taken after every 12 hours. You must ensure that you have followed all the instructions that are on the prescription label. Never take this medicine in smaller or larger amounts, or for longer than it’s recommended.

* Take Ciprofloxacin with a glass of water that is full i.e. 8 ounces. Drink a lot of fluids on a daily basis while on Ciprofloxacin medication. This medicine can be taken even without food so long as you take it at the same time on each and every day.

* Ciprofloxacin must never be taken with dairy products like yogurt or milk. You must also not take Ciprofloxacin with calcium-fortified; instead drink the aforementioned products as part of regular meals, but never use them alone when taking Ciprofloxacin. They make the mediation less effective.

* Do not chew, crush or break the extended-released tablets. Swallow them as whole instead.

* Never share your medication with another person even if there are similarities in symptoms.

* Never allow Ciprofloxacin to freeze, store it at room temperature. Throw away any liquid that is unused after 14 days.